Rubik's 3x3


  • U
  • U'
  • D
  • D'
  • L
  • L'
  • R
  • R'
  • F
  • F'
  • B
  • B'
  • -
  • (
  • )
  • F2
  • B2
  • L2
  • R2
  • U2
  • D2
  • M
  • M'
  • E
  • E'
  • S
  • S'
  • M2
  • E2
  • S2
  • X
  • X'
  • Y
  • Y'
  • Z
  • Z'
  • X2
  • Y2
  • Z2
  • u
  • u'
  • d
  • d'
  • l
  • l'
  • r
  • r'
  • f
  • f'
  • b
  • b'
  • u2
  • d2
  • l2
  • r2
  • f2
  • b2

Main Settings

Background color:

Playback speed:

Initial colours:

Pick a color and paste it on a field

Initial scramble

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Interactive 3D Rubik's Cube algorithm widget editor

This online Rubik's 3x3 widget generator allows you to create custom 3D models for Rubiks's Cubes. Demonstrate algorithms and patterns, customize and save your widgets and optionally embed them in other websites. Set up the preferences and click the refresh button to generate a quick preview on the top of the page. When you're satisfied with the result open your widget or use the generated code to embed in a website.

All settings will be scripted in the url of the widget and you can access it every time with your custom link.


Set the Rubik's Cube algorithm typing the rotations directly in the marked textbox on the top of this page or add them one by one clicking the button list. Learn the Rubik's notation here if you're not familiar with it. You can animate face, middle layer, whole cube and double layer rotations in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions, plus double turns. Hyphens and brackets might help you separate and group sections in the algorithm.

Main settings

In this section you can set up the look and feel of your widget setting a background color and choosing between light or dark control buttons. Set to completely hide the algorithm or the buttons. Set up the auto play or playback loop and choose the playback speed you like the most.

Initial colours

There are multiple options to set up the initial state of the puzzle. You can set the desired color scheme or specify a color to each field individually. Pick a color from the palette and past it on the filed on the small unfolded cube.

Initial scramble

The initial moves and reverse moves will be applied to the initial color scheme on page load. The reverse moves are executed from the back, making inverse rotations in each step. If you set the same algorithm for the main algorithm and for the initial reverse moves you'll get the solved Cube when you replay the animation.

Sharing and embedding

This program generates a custom link where you can access your puzzle widget all the time. All settings are encoded in this custom URL. Feel free to share this and to embed in other websites. Look for the embed code (iframe) which you can use to display your widget on any website.


This interactive widget uses HTML5 and CSS3 web standards which are not yet supported by all browsers. It has been successfully tested on the latest Google Chrome which is the most popular web browser like Android. It also works well on most mobile browsers. It might show minor errors in Mozzilla Firefox and it doesn't render correctly Internet Explorer. Hopefully these browsers will work and improve on supporting the latest web standards.